The Festival

On 7 August, Calatafimi, the historic center of Segeste, will host the largest gastronomic and wine event of the year.

The Maccherone Festival, now in its 29th year, is a festival organized in the historic center of the city in a context enriched by different artistic expressions and many cultural initiatives.

A first dish typical of the Calatafimi Segesta region, the comparison will be made between different restaurants, who will present their excellent dishes, always and only from the point of view of the typicality, to satisfy even the most demanding palates.

In the historic center of the city, the festival offers the tasting of many culinary variations of pasta, in a context animated by different artistic and musical forms and enriched by an educational workshop.


Entrance and parking: Free both
A Macaroni Tasting: 4,00 €
Contacts: +39 371 1225722
Where to stay: +39 3312431115 (english speaker)

Macaroni Typical Product

Calatafimi’s Macaroni, are a typical product for the city of Calatafimi Segesta, although having much in common with the Sicilian cuisine, it is affected, more than the Arab influence.
Its name derives from “bus”, the same name of cane reed used to roll up the pasta.
To twist the busiate, in fact, a branch of buso is used, which is the stem of the ampelodesmo (a plant belonging to the Graminaceous family).

Ingredients up to 4 people
1. 400 g of durum wheat flour;
2. 200 ml of cold water;
3. 1 pinch of salt;

How to prepare it, preparation steps:

1. At the center of a worktop, arrange the flour and the salt.
2. In the center recess, add the water a little at a time and knead with your hands until the dough becomes smooth and soft.
3. Let it rest for about 30 or 60 minutes after placing it in a bowl covered with a tea towel.
4. Flour the worktop and start spreading the dough making small cylinders long and thin.
5. Use the traditional “buso”, ie the iron to work with the macaroni: place the stick on the dough cylinder and lay it lengthwise to it and roll the dough back and forth until the macaroni take the spiral shape, twisting to the iron.
6. Arrange them on a floured cloth and let them dry for a few hours. Cook the pasta in salted water and, when it is al dente, season the pork sauce, adding, if necessary, half a mixture of cooking water.
7. Serve them warm.

The variants of Macaroni seasoned with different sauces:
– Macaroni with meat sauce minced pork and flakes of wheat;
– Macaroni Swordfish and Eggplant;
– Macaroni prawns and pistachio;
– Maccheroni with Trapani pesto and almonds;
– Macaroni to the norm;
– Maccheroni alla Campagnola;
– Macaroni with pistachios and zucchini;
– Macaroni with sausage and mushrooms sauce;