With great pleasure that we communicate the availability of the first iOS and Android native app to visit the Archaeological Park of Segesta and the nearby Calatafimi Segesta.

Within the app, located in 5 languages, are present:
⁃ audio guide, description and images of all the tourist points of the Archaeological Park of Segesta;
⁃ audio guide, description and images of all the tourist points of the nearby Calatafimi Segesta;
⁃ localization and navigation to tourist points;
⁃ possibility of sharing Social;
⁃ possibility to take your photos directly from the app;
⁃ the itineraries section designed especially for you to discover the Elimo territory at its best;
⁃ the section with all the points of interest of the Elimo territory selected by us: Farmhouses, B & B, Hotels, Restaurants of Typical Cuisine;
⁃ the coupon section to get access to discounts at partners. Also the possibility to buy tourist menus of typical Sicilian cuisine at a price reserved in selected 5-star premises;
It is an experiential itinerary that you can buy directly at the Info point of the Segesta Parking Archeodromo.

What is the experiential itinerary?
Recently, in people who travel has greatly increased the desire to expand their knowledge, to deepen the culture and tradition of the place and to fully immerse themselves in the lives of the inhabitants and their daily habits.
The tourist and traveler of today is no longer limited to only appreciate the photos taken in the place of the holiday or the beauty of a location, but wants to return home with a memorable memory, unique, with something more, with an activity or experience that allowed him to know and live fully the tradition of a country.

Therefore, in the experiential Tourism the difference is not so much the destination, as the experiences and activities offered by the structure. This translates into the idea of ​​an offer sewed on our guest that is unique and differentiating. It must transmit the authenticity of the territory and the historical traditions of the place in a simple and natural way, not artificial. In this way people will appreciate and end up buying for what is different from them and not for the room itself, for the destination or for an economic saving.

With our Experiential Itinerary on Calatafimi Segesta we aim to offer tourists just this. The search for non-artefacts was the basis for the construction of our itinerary. An itinerary that takes half a day for several days, or even one, allowing the tourist to live the territory of Calatafimi Segesta, its citizens and its local realities.
Wine, Terme Segestane, Segesta, Boschi Angimbé and Pispisa, Bread, Traditions, History, Garibaldi, typical Sicilian products and lunches and / or dinners in Sicilian families are some of the elements of this wonderful experiential itinerary.

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