The ELIMI who inhabited Segesta connected the phenomenon of the formation of hot waters to a mythological event, according to which the heat of the river’s waters had given rise to the will of a river divinity, Crimiso, to give way to warm up to the nymph Egesta, fleeing from Troy, who was fainted on the shore, and who later became his wife.

From them Aceste was procreated, who founded the city of Segesta giving it the name of the mother.

The historian Diodoro Siculo tells the story of Heracles who, on his way to Erice, met the Egestee nymphs who, to help him recover from his labors, brought out the hot water sources of Egesta (or Segesta).

The historian Dionigi of Alicarnasso told of the Terme Segestane and said that Aeneas, arrived in Sicily, left in the neighboring Egesta the oldest and most tired companions from the trip, so that they repopulated it and, using these waters, they had benefits for their body.